Friday, 29 July 2016

So, you've been caught shoplifting...

So, you're walking around in a store and something catches your eye. A pair of sun glasses is just sitting there waiting to be taken. You can't help thinking how ridiculous it is to pay so much for a cheap pair of sunglasses.

There's nobody around, and that camera in the corner doesn't really work, does it?

You've made your decision, you snatch it off the shelf and put it inside your bag.

As you walk out of the store you think you've got away with it and you feel pretty proud of yourself.

BUT before you can make your great escape, a store security guard approaches you and asks you to step back inside.

Bad news - you've been caught shoplifting and what you do and how you act will determine what happens next...

1.) Don't run. This will cause a reaction from the store security. If security is allowed to apprehend you, they will attempt to grab you and force you to come back into the store. If the store security is NOT allowed to touch you (depending on local laws and the rules of the store), and you run, they may at their option notify the police. It's not a bright idea to run.

2.) Don't over-react. Remember this. As nervous and excited you are, story security is just as (and perhaps) more nervous than you are. They have no idea who you are. They don't know if you're carrying a weapon or capable of striking them. Try to remain calm. Don't make any sudden movements that might be misconstrued as a threat of bodily harm.

3.) Don't try to bargain.  "I'll never come back, please don't do this." I'll never do it again!", "I did it for my kids" "I was going to come back and pay for it later!", "I forgot to pay for it!" "Can I please go if I pay for it?" The list goes on and on. The excuses get old after awhile. You stole an item and that's all there is to it.

4.) Don't try to cut a deal. Store security generally does not care about your reasons for stealing. They want the apprehension to happen. Most don't just want the merchandise back. They NEED your name, address and other personal information for their records.

5.) The longer you stay outside with security, the more embarrassing it's going to be when your neighbour walks by. You can try to hand off the merchandise and walk away and HOPE that they don't call the cops, but don't count on it. If you go inside the store with the detective, you can be out in 5 minutes. Decide carefully.

6.) Don't sign anything until you read it. If you have proper ID, security will probably release you upon your signature. Be careful what you sign. If you have any questions about what you're signing, feel free to ask questions, but beware. Use your own judgement. You could refuse to sign, but this may be taken as a sign of non-cooperation and the police may be called.

7.) Don't do it again!

Have you ever made a mistake and shoplifted? If you or a loved one has a problem with stealing, do not hesitate to contact NICRO right away!